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Forex The foreign currency is the general name given to the foreign countries' currencies in Turkish. Parity is the value of a country's currency against the currency of another country.


Metals are the names given to all goods and products in trade. The Forex market is the world's largest financial market, where you can trade on metals.


Stock Narket Indices, is used to determine the general direction of the stock market. General exchanges of prices in each stock market are monitored through special indices.


Commodities, precious metals and metals are very important sources for national economies. Gold, which has been popular for years, is perceived as a safe haven by investors

Cyrpto Currency

Crypto Money is basically electronic money or digital money. But as in online banking, it does not have a physical equivalent.

EU Shares

Europe Stock; refers to one of the equivalent parts of the capital of a company. By purchasing shares of a company, you become one of the partners of that company.

Risk Warning:

All financial products traded on a leverage bear a high level of risk for your capital. They are not suitable for all investors and you may lose more than your first deposit. Please be sure to fully understand the risks and request independent advice if necessary. See the full Risk Warning and Terms of Business for more details.